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Our rose grower, is located in Cotopaxi, Ecuador’s best region to produce quality roses. This is one of the nicest places in the Ecuadorian Andes, surrounded by volcanoes and mountains, among them the Cotopaxi, The World’s highest active volcano (5870 meters). The farm is located at an altitude of 2950 meters. Thanks to the farm’s geographical location and to the professional treatment the plants receive, our roses have very defined characteristics that our customers appreciate: very large buds that always bloom, long and thick stems, saturated colors, fantastic foliage and a very long vase-life. The fertile volcanic soil, pure spring water and over 12 hours a day of light all year round, allow our grower to offer the most exclusive roses to the World.

The technicians and field staff start the cutting process at 07:00 am everyday of the year in all of the greenhouses. The qualified personnel know the precise cutting point specific to each variety. The cutting points ensure the opening of our roses and maximum vase-life. During the cutting process, the roses are put in plastic nets with protection in order to preserve the buds and foliage. They are then immediately re-hydrated in plastic tanks full of water which are located in the middle alley in each greenhouse. This process guarantees that the flower doesn’t lose any liquid during the cutting process.

Before entering the post-harvest room, the nets with the freshly cut roses are inspected to verify that the cutting points are correct and homogeneous. After this control, the flowers enter the post-harvest room. Our grower has 2 stem- cutters to ensure the stem bases are level. Before starting the classification process, all roses get a first hydration in the pre-cooling room where the temperature is between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius. The roses stay there for a minimum of 2 hours. This helps the roses to get a good initial hydration in post- harvest.

Once the bunches have spent enough time hydrating in the coolers, they are ready to be packed. The staff in charge of this operation have also the obligation to check that the quality of the product meets our standards and characteristics, if not, the bunches will be set aside. The packing room is at i degree Celsius, and once packed, the flowers will stay in this room until shipping. All the roses are bunched with micro-corrugated cardboard with a paper and cardboard division between each row to protect the roses.

Our grower’s philosophy mirrors that of Commencement Flowers®: to build long- term relationships with customers that require high quality products. We value each of our customers, we give each of them personalized attention and we always intend to fulfill their necessities. We are a cutting edge and innovative team; we are constantly reviewing and improving our processes, renovating our varieties and production techniques to ensure that our customers will receive the WORLD’S BEST ROSES.


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