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The selling of flowers at commencement ceremonies is a unique service that carries tremendous responsibility. Graduation is a reward of academic achievement. What better way to commemorate this occasion by honoring a special friend or relative with the gift of flowers on this important milestone in their lives. Commencement Flowers® is proud to provide the highest quality flowers that all will be honored to give and receive at your ceremonies.

Commencement Flowers® is recognized across the nation as the premier provider of this service. Other groups do attempt to provide a similar service, often imitating our product line, prices, or display. However the most important aspects of our service cannot be replicated. Our research of our competitors has shown that they have a long way to go to match Commencement Flowers®. The reputation of excellence, trustworthiness, reliability, commitment and success that has been well established in the past quarter century has enabled each and every transaction to represent a win-win-win relationship between ourselves, the Universities and You, our honored customer.

One of the most significant features of Commencement Flowers® is our use of aqua tubes (water vials). We place an aqua tube on each and every rose stem. This extra effort costs money and increases production time but we could not imagine selling rose bouquets without them. Product quality is very important to us. Our roses with aqua tubes stay fresh throughout the ceremony. Roses without aqua tubes begin to die as soon as they are removed from water (their life support system).

YOU are our customer. We recognize this and make customer service our #1 priority. Our managers and staff are trained to give the utmost customer service to make the occasion more satisfying for everyone attending the ceremonies. We go the extra mile to be dignified, professional, courteous and unobtrusive. Commencement Flowers® looks forward to greeting you at one of our booths prior to, during or after your upcoming graduation ceremony.


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