Our Orchid Leis

Commencement Flowers® uses dendrobium orchids from Thailand for its orchid leis. These orchids are sturdy and very long-lasting, don’t require water once cut and they are the perfect shape for stringing either through the center of the bloom for our single leis or through the side of the bloom for our double leis.

Our orchid grower is located in the tropical paradise of Northern Thailand near Chiang Mai, in the area known as Doi Saket. Doi Saket is a mountain range where the climate is perfect for the intermediate temperature required for growing dendrobium orchids. The farm is located at the base of the mountains and produces the largest and most colorful dendrobium orchid blooms in the world.

After being cut, every orchid bloom is rested in a pre-cooling room for several hours where the temperature is between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius. Once the pre-cooling process is completed, the orchids are brought into the stringing room. This is where the orchid blooms are made into the magnificent orchid leis that we so proudly provide at commencements. This room is constantly air- conditioned to maintain a temperature that is best suited for the orchids.

After the fumigation process is complete the orchid leis are ready for packing. The leis are packed in trays with the grower’s proprietary tissue-like paper. This special paper not only insulates the leis from any exposure to cold, it also completely absorbs any moisture that may appear if the leis are exposed to heat thereby eliminating the possibility of spoilage (mushy leis). Each tray is then packed into specially constructed boxes designed to allow for maximum airflow. Prior to shipping, these boxes are filled with cool air to further ensure that our orchid leis are always of the highest quality.

Our orchid grower utilizes every possible process, material and production technique to ensure that our customers will receive the WORLD’S BEST ORCHID LEIS.


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